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Meh. I just don’t like Locke episodes that much.

There were some super-cool parts of this episode. The setting of Locke’s leg was really gross and I liked that Abbadon was his driver. I really loved that the plane landed on Hydra Island, and can I point out that Juliet told Sawyer that they had been breaking those rocks for a runway. Ben knew that he would need a runway when he came back to the Island and he built one. I don’t really understand why they gave us a whole new contingent of extras after they went through all that trouble killing off the remaining extras. But OK, whatever.

Overall though there was very little character progression. Locke is still a sucker for pretty much anyone telling him he is special. If he really is special, it certainly isn’t obvious to me. I don’t think Ben is a good guy, but I certainly don’t think Widmore should just be trusted either. He went to see Sayid who told him to stop his quest and do some real good in the world. He went to see Walt and decided to leave him out of it. He went to see Hurley who told him that Abbadon was evil. He went to see Kate who told him that the only reason he loves the Island so much was that he never loved anyone else. This is kind of true. He loved Helen, but he didn’t love her enough. Then he gets in an accident and ends up with Jack who tells him he is just a lonely old man who crashed on an Island. None of them want to come with him, and why should they? It reminds me of Moses who was sent to convince the Pharaoh to let his people go even though he had a terrible stutter. Except the Island didn’t give Locke a staff that turns into a snake unless you count Ben Linus who turns from staff to snake pretty readily. Locke is so despondent that he writes Jack a guilt trip of a letter and then starts to kill himself. And then who should come in and save him but Ben Linus!

Ben only saves Locke so that he can get the information out of him that he needs – How to get Sun back to the Island, and the name of Eloise Hawking. He went to see Locke intending to get that information and then to kill him. I know this because he brought the cleaning solution with him so that he could remove and evidence that he was in the room. Ben is a cold cold man. He is almost like a comic-book super villain and it’s hard to understand what could possibly motivate him. 

Widmore gives us a lot of information but we don’t know whether or not it is true. I’m still not sure if he is to be trusted. He is Ben’s enemy and Ben is not to be trusted. But the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. The bad things he has done that we know of are:


  1. He was an arrogant dick to Desmond and didn’t think he was good enough for his daughter
  2. He kept Desmond’s letters from Penny and offered him money to stay away from her
  3. He had Alex killed
  4. He sent mercenaries to the Island to capture Ben alive. They were to kill everyone else on the Island.
  5. He left the bathroom with the water still running
  6. He snapped his buddy’s neck
  7. He was going to cut off Juliet’s hand
  8. He arrogantly assumed that Locke wouldn’t be able to track him
  9. He mouthed off to Richard, his superior


We do find out that Tunisia is the “Exit” from the Wheel of Time. So for me that confirms that there is a wormhole connecting the Island to Tunisia. And it seems that Sun, possibly Sayid, Ben and Locke all ended up in the same time as the Ajira plane. Ben and Locke I understand, but why Sun and why Sayid?


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