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I watched the BSG finale last night and I was really disappointed. What a letdown for a show that had such promise! I was especially bummed that Kara and Lee didn’t get a happy romantic ending. I really thought that was too much. I also hated that last bit in NY with Head Baltar and Head Six commenting that mitochondrial Eve was Hera. That was totally unnecessary and lame. The bit with all the robots was also overkill. We understood that this was our Earth from the shape of the continents. Anders going into the sun sucked too. I did really like the invasion of the Cylon home world, Athena shooting Boomer, and Tyrol killing Cally. I liked Roslin and Adama’s end, but thought it wasn’t necessary for him to be alone. He should have at least been with Lee. I thought the resolution of the Opera House dream sequence was not at all cool enough, and I couldn’t understand how the A-team got out after rescuing Hera.


I thought this was such a great show and there were a lot of wonderful episodes. The acting was great and the characters were so well-drawn, layered and complex. It addressed serious issues of g-d, identity, politics and society. I do think they tied up the plot, but I don’t think they really came to any real conclusions about any of these things. I feel let down by the show. .

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