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So Lost is over again for another 8 months. I feel sad, but not as bereft as usual probably because we are so close to the end now and we know so much more about the story. This wasn’t my favorite finale ever, and I am not happy about what has happened to my favorite character, Juliet. But I turned out to be right about what a chump Locke is, and I do love to be right. This episode saw two large pieces of the endgame slot into place as Jacob and The Adversary made their respective moves against the other. And we start to see (through a glass darkly) that each of the Losties has been moved purposefully towards this destination.

In this episode we finally get to meet Jacob! He lives under the statue, likes to weave and catch fish and is locked in an eternal struggle with The Adversary. I liked him right away. Clearly both Jacob and the Adversary have been on the Island for a long time. Like Ricardus, Jacob does not age. He looks exactly the same in every single flashback. He also speaks a lot of different languages. We hear him speak English, Korean and Russian fluently. He visits all of our Losties at different points in their lives and he touches them all. He is there when Kate shoplifts the NKOTB lunchbox that she and Tom will later use for the time capsule that will get him killed. In yet another example of how she can’t keep her whorish man-stealing distance when someone who used to be hers moves on to someone else. Jacob pays for the lunchbox so that Kate won’t get into trouble and then he touches her on the nose and tells her not to steal anymore. Jacob is there when little Jimmy Ford’s pen runs out of ink at his parents’ double funeral and gives him the pen (and palm tickle) he uses to finish writing the letter that sets him on a 30 year vengeance quest that molds his entire existence. Jacob gives Jin and Sun his blessing at their wedding and tells them not to take their love for granted. When Locke is pushed out of the window by his father it looks like Jacob brings him back to life though he does not heal his paralysis. He tells him how sorry he is that this happened to him. We see the story that Jack told Kate about counting to 5 to let the fear go, but this time we see it as part of Jack’s ongoing struggle with his father. Jack goes to cool off with an Apollo bar from the vending machine but it is stuck. Jacob hands it to him telling him that it (and Jack) just needed a little push. I wonder what Jacob pushed Jack to do. Jacob stops Sayid as he is crossing the street with Nadia in LA and keeps him long enough so that he doesn’t get hit by the car that kills Nadia. He visits a very-injured Ilana in the hospital and tells her that he needs her help. He is in Hurley’s taxi when Hurley is released from jail and tells him about the Ajira flight to the Island. He makes sure to stress that Hurley doesn’t have to go back, but that he isn’t cursed, he’s blessed by being able to speak to the people he loves even after death.

I’m sure that their lives have also been influenced by the Adversary. There are some for whom that is obvious, like John Locke. But I think Jack has also been tempted by the Adversary in the form of Christian Shepherd. These are the people that Jacob chose to bring to the Island in order to save him or maybe to help him or just as people who will play a role in the endgame whatever that may be.

In the end, the Adversary wearing Locke’s body finds the loophole that he sought. I believe that only the Leader could kill Jacob. Since the Adversary was not really Locke, he was not really the Leader. Since Locke was dead, the real leader was still Ben. Ben had to be the one to kill the Adversary and Jacob could not resist, but must go to his death. He cannot force, he can only believe in free will.

I believe the Adversary is the smoke monster and that he can impersonate the dead. Since the Losties arrived on the Island, he has been trying to test them to see which one he can use to his ends. That one turned out to be John Locke. I’ve always said that if there is one thing we know about John Locke it is that he is a born mark, a chump with a grossly inflated self-image, who will do anything he is told to do as long as the instructions include the words “You are Special”. He was exactly the person that the Adversary was waiting for. And man did he ever get played this time. The Adversary made sure that Ricardus thought that Locke was to be Leader and made sure that Locke thought he was supposed to come back to the Island dead. I am sure that Ben was also part of the trap he laid. Ben was always serving the Adversary but he thought he was Jacob. That’s the beauty of the Adversary. He has complete faith in human weakness and failing and he uses those traits to win against Jacob. It isn’t just two Gods fighting each other, they are fighting as Gods fight using their human proxies. Gods are supposed to be incredibly powerful, but also bound by rules.

At some point in this battle, the Adversary was bound to Jacob’s cabin and at some other point he was freed. I hope we get to see how that all went down. I bet it has something to do with Ellie, Charles, Christian and Claire too.

The rest of the story was a pretty weal finale series of machinations. The love triangle stuff was particularly eyeroll-inducing. They must stop it already. Even with time-travel and smoke monsters and moving Islands, the love quadrangle is the least believable part of the show.

Jack wants to detonate a hydrogen bomb because he had Kate and he lost her? What?

Kate never wanted Jack to ask her where Aaron was because she was angry at him for making her go back to the Island? What?! Kate’s decisions never make any sense to me but that one was particularly insane.

Sawyer has a woman like Juliet  - who can deliver a baby with one hand while shooting someone with a rifle before they shoot you and fix your car all at the same time - and he is still mooning over Kate? A short fling he had 3 years ago where she was pretty much always yanking his chain? That makes no damn sense at all.

Juliet decides to help Jack blow up the Island so that she never has to lose Sawyer to Kate. OK, that part she actually sold me on. It fit with the rest of her history – child of divorced parents who told her that some people aren’t meant to be together, dating a married man, the spurned wife etc. But that’s only because Elizabeth Mitchell is the best actress of the lot of them. Josh Holloway is also a lot better than he gets credit for. The two of them totally sold me on Sawyer and Juliet – I loved that relationship and never wanted it to end.

I was really hoping that the Jack and Sawyer fight scene would end with a passionate kiss and a hot sex scene. Still no luck.

The scene where Juliet is being pulled into the hole and Sawyer has her hand and is saying don’t leave me had me bawling. How are we supposed to believe that he loves Kate? It seems more like he has some lingering feelings, but he loved Juliet, I know he did. Elizabeth Mitchell’s pilot, V, got picked up for 13 epis and she will no longer be a regular on Lost. Hopefully she will finish those epis in time to shoot a real story line for Lost. I hope she still gets to come on for a few epis and not just in a flashback but as a real character. She could end up naked in the jungle like Desmond after he turned the key! Or maybe they really did stop the Incident and she will come to the Island but not know Sawyer or have any feelings for him at all. That would be weird.

I definitely think that what they did changed the story, but I don’t think it is in the way that they think or that Flight 815 is going to land in LA.

What I do love about this show is that 5 years in they can still give me a finale that leaves me with no idea at all about where this show will go in the final season. .


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