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Um, oh crap. I have not been around online at all. It's been like a million years since I last posted. I won't even try to bring you up to speed since there's not that much to say about maternity leave. I'm having a great time and I'm also bored. I go places. I've started running again and that's been good. It's been an intense family month with a bar mitzvah coming right after the holidays and Pita's grandfather getting sick again. He had a small stroke and is expected to make a good recovery, but he is 80 and we are all worried. I went into the office once and it was so great to see everyone that I stayed an embarrasingly long time.  I've been hanging out with my friend Indigo who has a baby 1 month younger than Lilah. We go into the city and shop and go to museums and have elaborate lunches.  My house is clean on a pretty regular basis.

Lilah is still pretty easygoing. She cries when she is tired and sometimes she cries a lot when she is tired. She is very social and has been really enjoying all of the parties and family events. She is extremely cute.  She eats well, still sleeps well and seems to be healthy so far. She coos, reaches for things and puts them in her mouth. She is swaddled for sleeping and naps on her tummy. I think she weighs about 13 lbs now. She goes to sleep at 7-8 and sleep about 12 hours with one or two wakings, the first one at about 3-4.

She has a beautiful smile

She's a remarkably beautiful child. Here she is after a bath:

On a typical day she wakes up in our bed. I don't usually put her back in her cradle after feeding her unless she is very very wiggly.

Mommy makes coffee and Aba snuggles her and then changes her.

Then she sits with Mommy and reads her book about babies and their faces while Mommy reads the paper.

Then Aba leaves for work - Bye Aba!

Then it's time to eat this rattle until she gets tired. I shower, do dishes and laundry.  Sometimes I wear her in the Moby around the house. Yesterday the cat took a massive crap in the middle of the dog's bed. That was exciting.


In the afternoon we got for a walk in the Ergo. Sometimes we just go to the park, sometimes we take the bus to Bart and run errands. Sometimes we have the car.

Then in the afternoon are more naps of differing lengths and then Mommy starts dinner. Eventually Aba comes home! Yay!


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