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The craziest thing happened yesterday.

So I was working from home and I wrote a post for my journal for the first time in a million years. And I was feeling all weepy and sad after writing it and my heart hurt. I had to go pick up Lilah for gymnastics. I was running late and had all my gear with me so that I could work at gymnastics. I was all frazzled and was walking across campus from the parking lot to the kindergarten aftercare when I ran into Rabbi Tsipi. Tsipi married us, she did Lilah’s baby naming, she’s a family friend and she’s the rabbi and Director of Judaic studies at Lilah’s school. I am not close to her or in her circle, but she is the closest thing I have to a spiritual advisor in my life. And she starts walking beside me and tells me how beautiful and bright my child is and tells me how lovely it is to see her at school. Then she asks how I am doing and how my health is and tells me that she says a misheberach for me all the time. And of course I say I am holding up which is what I always say. And then she told me a story of her friend who recently celebrated her 30th anniversary of having cancer. That she was diagnosed in her 20s and had a full hysterectomy and then they came back and took part of her liver and then about 4 years ago her pancreas. And she is alive and strong and vibrant. And that she has such a positive accepting attitude and just goes on with her life and that she sees the same thing in me and she knows that this is the reason that I have been able to come through so much.
That’s a rabbi. She knew. She doesn’t even know, not really. But she knew and she saw it in me and she took the moment to share the exact thing I needed to hear.
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