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Jan. 3rd, 2008 03:19 pm
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In final Lost news for the day I am beyond geeked out about the new Lost game that is being played as we speak. I didn’t follow The Lost Experience, but it was played mostly online between S2-3 and it explained the Numbers. Basically it was an episode or chapter of the story that took place in an alternate reality game. Websites and live action at comic-con introduced a character named Rachel Blake who investigated The Hanso Group (backers of the Dharma Initiative and long associated with the Island. The Black Rock was owned by Hanso) and discovered what the Numbers were. It’s pretty cool and worth reading over on Lostpedia. The information in both games is to be considered canon, but not necessary to understand the show.


There’s a new game out that started this week called Find 815. As you can guess it’s about finding Flight 815. The Oceanic Air website went back up last week and contained clues that lead to the start of the game. In this game, Sam, an Oceanic Air IT specialist tries to find out what happened to Flight 815. Some clues are being released in billboards – three so far have been seen in Portland OR, Larkin, CA and Ames, IA. Portland is where Mittelos Bioscience is (and where according to my pet theory there is a portal). John Locke is from Larkin and Kate is from Ames, IA. Or possibly a small town near Ames since many Amesians complain that they live in a college town, not the white trash diner trailer park Kate comes from. Anyway I am not game-savvy enough to play, but I can read along and it’s just awesome so far. You can just read the wiki on Lostpedia.


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