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So the O6 are flying towards the Island when suddenly it disappears in a big whoomp and they run out of gas and dump in the ocean. They throw out the life raft and all make it on board. Des almost dies and Jack resuscitates him and it is so much like the Pilot and the S1 Finale combined that when Searcher’s light come upon them I almost freaked out. But OMG! It’s Penny! I couldn’t believe that Penny really came for him – she is so smart! She just at some point decided he really was going to call her in December 2004 and she set up a listening station so that she would catch his call. Of course now I have to be worried. Because Claire and Aaron never got on a helicopter. So what was Des’ vision? It benefited Desmond most of all, and while I would hate to think that he deceived Charlie into his death, it’s hard to see how Charlie’s sacrifice was any good for the Losties. He turned off the transmission blocker that Ben was using to hide the Island from the people who were searching for it – the Freighter and Penny. 




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By far the strangest and most intriguing scene is the one where Ben moves the Island. After killing Keamy, Ben turns on the elevator time machine and blows a hole in the back of it. There’s a weird tunnel back there. So the time machine was just built over the tunnel to the Island Moving Mechanism? I can’t wait to hear the explanation for this one. Ben tells Locke that his bad emotional response got in the way of a good command decision when he killed Keamy and that he is sure (:wink:) that Locke will do a much better job as leader. It’s almost ridiculous because Ben is so scathing and you know that Locke is going to just SUCK as a leader. A bigger chump than John Locke was never born. He may be the worst leader I could even imagine. A weak despot – impotent and covetous – with a history of anger management problems, mediocrity, inability to follow-through and isolation. He will trust no one and everyone at the same time. He will do anything as long as someone tells it to him in a dream or tells him he is special. He is almost a recipe for a comicbook supervillain. You get the feeling that a lot of the bad things that happened to Locke were Ben’s doing. Or that Ben’s installment as Leader of the Others somehow made them happen. Was he testing Locke or trying to beat him down? I think we’ve always kind of wondered whose side John is on anyway. I think he would say he is on the Island’s side, but is the Island good or bad or just powerful? It has an agenda that is opaque to us and frankly it is opaque to Locke too. He has no idea what he is putting his trust in, and if we know anything about Locke it is that he has terrible terrible judgment


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 Oh Lost, you do me right. That was just a great finale from start to finish. It had intrigue, romance, answers, more questions and explosions. I just loved it. I actually liked it even more than last year’s finale. It was more satisfying and didn’t leave me feeling desperate to know more. I can wait now.    


 Moving the Island

Future Paradise
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 That was so so so good! It wasn’t what I was expecting to happen at all and I am very excited for the 2 hr finale in 2 weeks!



So that is the set-up for the 2 hr finale and I am pretty excited about it. I have no idea what is going to happen next and would love to hear your thoughts –


Why are they O6 lying about Aaron?

Who is the person on the plane that Adm. Cain nods to?

Who is in the coffin?

Why are things so fucked up for the O6 off the Island?

Are Christian and Charlie ghosts? 
What is up with Claire?
Why did Charlie die?

Is there a connection between Richard Guyliner, Matthew Abbadon and Mrs. Hawking? What?

What does the Orchid do?

Who is the other person responsible for Jin’s death?

How do you move an Island?

Who dies in the finale?

What was Kate doing for Sawyer?

Does Kate even deserve Sawyer anymore?

What happens to Juliet?

Who is in the coffin?

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I really didn’t like that episode when I watched it. In fact, it bummed me out so much that I tried to pick a fight about something random with Pita on the way home from Bruno and Candy’s. He was like – what is wrong? And I started going off about Lost and he just laughed. Oh, he said, you’re not mad at me, you’re mad at Lost! But it settled with me a bit more overnight and in the morning I realized that mostly the episode made me feel sad.


Overall it felt like they tried to cram too much into this episode.  It worked, but it felt crowded and it left me feeling sad.


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Welcome back to Lost! That might have been one of the biggest WTF episodes I have ever seen. The entire show I was just like HUH? 


Overall, an action-packed episode full of answers and full of questions. My second favorite of the Season so far.





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That was a crazy crazy episode. A creepy dark S1-caliber episode full of lies, betrayal, WTF-moments, and never knowing who you can trust and what is going on. I just loved it. I forgive Lost for the terrible Sun and Jin episodes, and for Claire who just needs to die already, and her BAYBEE who I don’t give a shit about and for too many episodes where no shirtless men appear at all. Because Meet Kevin Johnson is the kind of episode that keeps me on the hook and feeling glad all over that I only have to wait 4 measly weeks for another episode of Lost. Plus I have BSG to keep me happy while I wait and I haven’t’ even seen S3 yet. More on that later. You didn’t even know I liked a show other than Lost, did you?

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On the grand scale of sucking, I would place that one just above Jack’s tattoo episode and the Nikki and Paolo episode and just behind The Glass Ballerina. That episode sucked big hairy donkey balls. I’m not a huge fan of the Sun/Jin story line in general – I find it contrived and boring. Jin is easy on the eyes and Sun can act, but I think they have one of the weakest storylines. 


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 That was just amazing. I was so hyped about it I wrote last night and then again on the way to work and then again at lunch. It's a long post today.


Just to pass on a few of my favorite links:


J. Wood is a UVA Ph.D. student who writes a great Lost blog for Powells.com. it’s very literary and texty and pop-culturey and well worth checking out.


Doc Jensen of Entertainment Weekly does both a pre-hash and a rehash of Lost on his blog. In the prehash he brings you up to speed on plot threads you might have forgotten and need to know about to watch the episode. In the rehash he rehashes.


You definitely don’t want to miss [info]ack_attack’s recaps because they are wet your pants funny. 

In addition to the Official ABC Lost Podcast, I also listen to the Jay and Jack Podcast and the LostCasts podcast both of which are available on ITunes.




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I was on the flight from SF to DC on Thursday night on my way to a Ladies Weekend so when I got home from Shabbat dinner on Friday night I curled up with my laptop at midnight and watched the Economist. Lost just keeps getting faster and denser and I really can’t believe how much they packed into this single episode. 



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Phew! I finally got around to watching the Lost S4 premiere last night. It was a Hurley episode with a FF to post-island, but pre-Jackbeard. Overall, I liked the epi but it was quite different from the Lost I knew. I’d been hoping the epi would open on the freighter with an eyeball closeup of someone we don’t know. Instead it opened with a Hurley crashing into a pile of papayas in a high-speed police car chase while Jack mixed himself a morning screwdriver in his clean kitchen. Clearly this takes place sometime before the Jackbeard events of the finale and while his cleaning lady was still coming regularly. 


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Tuesday was another big NUMBER day – 15 days until Lost season 4!! So it’s time for Pocket’s Lost Theory.


You know I have one, right?


I think I’ve solved Lost. I listen to podcasts, I follow a few blogs about Lost, I’ve read a book or two related to Lost, and I’ve seen every episode at least twice. I also read a lot of speculative fiction – science fiction, fantasy and historical fiction – and I love ancient mythology. Of course it is find815 that has convinced me I am right, but I’ve been working on this theory for a while. It’s certainly not my original theory. It’s just the parts that make the most sense to me from the stuff I have read. It’s very long. And it gives me the chilly-willies.


Part I - Pre-Lost


Part 2 – The Dharma Initiative and the Hostiles
Part 3 – Charles Widmore’s search for the Island
Part 4 – The Losties and Redemption
Part 5 – Speculation, Season 4


I don’t actually think I’ll get to all that since this took me 3 days to write, but it’s good to have goals, right?


Find 815

Jan. 3rd, 2008 03:19 pm
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In final Lost news for the day I am beyond geeked out about the new Lost game that is being played as we speak. I didn’t follow The Lost Experience, but it was played mostly online between S2-3 and it explained the Numbers. Basically it was an episode or chapter of the story that took place in an alternate reality game. Websites and live action at comic-con introduced a character named Rachel Blake who investigated The Hanso Group (backers of the Dharma Initiative and long associated with the Island. The Black Rock was owned by Hanso) and discovered what the Numbers were. It’s pretty cool and worth reading over on Lostpedia. The information in both games is to be considered canon, but not necessary to understand the show.


There’s a new game out that started this week called Find 815. As you can guess it’s about finding Flight 815. The Oceanic Air website went back up last week and contained clues that lead to the start of the game. In this game, Sam, an Oceanic Air IT specialist tries to find out what happened to Flight 815. Some clues are being released in billboards – three so far have been seen in Portland OR, Larkin, CA and Ames, IA. Portland is where Mittelos Bioscience is (and where according to my pet theory there is a portal). John Locke is from Larkin and Kate is from Ames, IA. Or possibly a small town near Ames since many Amesians complain that they live in a college town, not the white trash diner trailer park Kate comes from. Anyway I am not game-savvy enough to play, but I can read along and it’s just awesome so far. You can just read the wiki on Lostpedia.

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These have been pretty bad lately. I've dispensed with the Plot cuts if the epi is up on abc.com


Missing Pieces 7 – (112) Arzt & Crafts


Written by: Damon Lindelof

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Dr. Arzt tries to convince Jin and Sun not to move from the beach to the caves as Jack has proposed. When Hurley and Michael tell him they can't understand him, he also expresses his doubts in Jack's role as a leader to them. However he changes his mind and decides to move to the caves after all when the roaring of the monster interrupts their conversation. 


Leslie Arzt (truly a bitchin’ name) didn’t want to move to the caves and trusts Jack eventhough he is totally freaked out. Jin picked up that Boone and Shannon were lovers. Nothing else of interest happened in this mobisode.


Missing Pieces 8 – (105) Buried Secrets


Written by: Christina M. Kim

Directed by: Jack Bender

Plot: Sun is watching Jin fish and then walks into the jungle. There she buries a California drivers license when Michael runs by looking for Vincent. Seeing the license he picks it up and Sun tries to explain that she was going to leave Jin. Michael comforts her telling her it will be okay. The two almost share a kiss but Vincent appears barking before anything can happen, prompting Sun to leave.



This one was pretty interesting actually. Sun had a CA DL in the name of Christine Choi. I guess she got this along with the fake passport. Also, Michael and Sun did almost have a thing. I always thought that was just Jin’s imagination. But as we see, from the last mobisode, he is more observant than you would think. I wonder if he speaks English? Also, Vincent is weird.


Missing Pieces 9 – (111) Tropical Depression

Written by:
Carlton Cuse

Directed by: Jack Bender


So if the numerical codes for the mobisodes indicate the order, the correct order for them would be:


101 - King of the Castle

103 - The Adventures of Hurley and Frogurt


104 - Room 23

105 - Buried Secrets

106 - Operation Sleeper

107 - The Watch



110- The Deal

111 - Tropical Depression

112 - Arzt & Crafts



And that is completely meaningless in chronology. I wonder why they are numbered like this? Maybe it's just the order in which they were made. Maybe it's just to F with me.



Dec. 7th, 2007 04:33 pm
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Seeing as there are now officially less than 2 months until Lost S4, let’s talk about the mobisodes. No one is really blogging about the mobisodes. Probably because they are not that interesting. Anyway, here there be spoilers so tread carefully.


The Lost mobisodes are short 2-minute films distributed on Verizon phones and available at abc.com the series is called Missing Pieces and while they have been described as containing a unique mystery, so far they are less than mysterious. They are written by the Lost writing team and feature the cast of Lost. The negotiations for the mobisodes were protracted and the contract is one of the very first to address residuals for online-only content, the substance of the current WGA strike and an important emerging issue for any creative content provider. It's not quite clear where they fall on the spoiler spectrum. The mobisodes are canonical, unlike TLE, but they are also not actual episodes.


If you don’t have Verizon (and I don’t) you can stream these on abc.com the week after the release or you can grab the pirated version off YouTube or visit darkufo.blogspot.com. Dark usually has a poor quality version up the same morning they come up on the Verizon network. Like it looks like someone aimed a camera at their phone. But I’m not complaining. I’m not going to link these up – you’ll have to go look them up yourself. I'll stick the plot, transcript and my comments behind a cut for you.


One weird thing is that that each mobiside is numbered out of sequence. Maybe it’s some kind of puzzle…?


Missing Pieces 1: 107 The Watch

spoil me )

Missing Pieces 2: 103 Hurley and Frogurt

Again )

Missing Pieces 3: 101 King of the Castle


Original air date: November 20, 2007 (Verizon)
November 27, 2007 (ABC.com)

Flashback: Ben Linus and Jack Shephard

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Directed by: Jack Bender

And again )

 Missing Pieces 4: 110 The Deal


Original air date: November 26, 2007 (Verizon)
December 3, 2007 (ABC.com)

Flashback: Michael Dawson and Juliet Burke

Written by: Elizabeth Sarnoff

Directed by: Jack Bender

Missing Pieces 5: 106 Operation: Sleeper

Original air date: December 4, 2007 (Verizon)
December 11, 2007 (ABC.com)

Flashback: Juliet Burke and Jack Shephard

Written by: Brian K. Vaughan

Directed by: Jack Bender


Spoiled )


Oct. 24th, 2007 12:29 pm
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Monday was a big day – 108 days until the premiere of Lost S4.


We went over to Candy and Bruno’s and we watched 2 epis of Lost S1 – Solitary, where Sayid finds the cable and Hurley makes a golf course, and Raised By Another, where Claire gets pregnant, gets dumped, meets a psychic and they figure out that Ethan is an Other. Both are fantastic episodes.


A few things that struck me as I was watching –


Do I believe Rousseau’s story? She seems very crazy to me, and she says that she killed her whole team.


“Our vessel was 3 days out of Tahiti when our instruments malfunctioned. It was night, a storm, the sounds. The ship slammed into rocks, ran aground, the hull breached beyond repair. So, we made camp. Dug out this temporary shelter. Temporary. Nearly 2 months we survived here, 2 months before...”


In Epi 18 she gives a different story:


“Our ship picked up a transmission, a voice repeating those numbers. We changed course to investigate. After we shipwrecked my team continued to search for the transmission source. It was weeks before we found the radio tower.”


Those are two totally different stories, so she is a liar. In one she says that the instruments malfunctioned and in the other she says that they followed a transmission to the island.


Sayid took the maps from her and later said they were covered with song lyrics and equations. Is this possibly connected to the Looking Glass? It would be a nice tie-in with the cable since Sayid finds it that day.


Thomas dumps Claire pretty suddenly. One minute she is telling her BFF how great everything is and the next he comes home and dumps her. She was certainly manipulated onto the plane. In fact, she is one of the only characters who we know for a fact someone paid money to her manipulator (Richard Malkin) to get her on that plane. Artists are considered to be pretty weak-minded on Lost.


And on that note, here’s my list of who I think was supposed to be on that plane for the purpose of getting them to the island:


Claire – Richard Malkin was paid by someone to convince her to board a plane the next day and give her daughter up for adoption in LA.

Jin – Papa Paik intended the Rolex to end up on the Island – it might contain a tracking device.

Hurley – by using the lottery numbers he came under the influence of the Island. I think that the curse he encountered was actually trying to keep him from getting to the Island.

Eko – he was sent to the Island.

Libby – We haven’t seen her FB yet, but I think we will find that she was sent to the Island.

Locke – turned down from Walkabout. I think that a normal outdoors organization would have accommodated his disability. He is right – people in wheelchairs do outward bound types of trips all the time.


People who were on the plane by accident


Jack – he had to fight his way onto the plane, and CS wasn’t meant to die.

Sawyer – the Australian govt is not part of this conspiracy.

Kate – the FBI is not part of this conspiracy

Sun – Papa Paik meant for her to leave Jin at the airport.

Boone/Shannon – Were meant to be in first class and die.

Charlie – Was supposed to be in the tailsection and die.

Sayid – Was supposed to leave a day earlier. The CIA is not involved in this conspiracy.

Ana Lucia – Was supposed to be with CS who was doing something Island related and who wasn’t supposed to die.

Rose/Bernard – I’m not sure about this one.


A question:


Why doesn’t Sayid speak any French? Doesn’t it seem weird that he speaks absolutely no French since he lived and worked in Paris?




There is supposed to be an early death in S4. I think it is Sun.







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There are 4 new people cast for Lost Season 4 so far:



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I don’t have much to say today, but I wanted to try out my new userpic which I think is the Best Thing Ever. So I guess I have to say something about Lost, and I will plug my current favorite theory. This is a great and extremely complicated theory that I think is actually correct. I’ll fly my flag up right here – this is the underlying science fiction rationale for Lost. This blog is complicated – the guy is some kind of mensa-head and his approach is multi-disciplinary. His basic theory begins with the nature of the Island and the research that was being done there. It’s really worth reading.


Lost HEMA Theory


HEMA Theory sheds light on the deeper agenda of the DHARMA Initiative.  What does the HEMA acronym stand for, and how does it illuminate this agenda?  We start our journey by revisiting the DHARMA acronym, with particular reference to the "H":


HEURISTICS.  The tendency has been to focus on the problem solving component of this term, but upon closer inspection, we can see that the key element is the power of FOCUSED ATTENTION:  "A heuristic is a replicable method or approach for directing one's attention in learning, discovery, or problem-solving. It is originally derived from the Greek "heurisko" (ερίσκω), which means 'I find'. " (Source= http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heuristic)


So one key element of the DHARMA initiative-- one of the six factors in the Valenzetti Equation-- is the systematic study of the effects of focusing attention, using replicable methods or approaches.  To what ends and objects might this study be directed?  Here we turn to the "M" and the "A" in the DHARMA acronym:


MATERIAL APPLICATIONS.  A central part of the DHARMA agenda was to explore how focusing attention can effect changes in the material world, when this attention is applied within the energy field of the island, producing material applications.


So HEMA represents the phenomenon of focused attention (Heuristics) influencing the island's Energy field, yielding tangible effects on the physical world (Material Applications)= HEMA.  As we will see, these effects can range from materializing thoughts and feelings (the horse, the cat, the desire to walk again) to projecting oneself to other places (Walt appearing to Shannon and Sayid), and influencing weather (meteorology). 


the hema theory

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I like this book more every time I read it. It’s always a bit depressing – it’s a very dark story, but I am again blown away by the genre-defying genius of the book. It takes comic books and comic superheros and turns in on it’s head while staying true to the themes and rules of the medium. It’s a masterpiece. One of the most important novels of the 20th century for sure, and absolutely one of the best graphic novels ever. The others being: Dark Knight Returns, Maus, Persepolis and all of Lynda Barry’s work. 


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Last night we began our long goodbye to Charlie, saw clearly the power dynamics among Ben’s Others, learned another of the Island’s secrets and saw Jack take his place again as the leader of our Losties pulling together a plan to defend the Losties from the Others and to get them all off the island. Really this was the first third of a 3-hr finale rather than an epi in and of itself.


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