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This award goes to Matt Dubay of Saginaw, MI. What. A. Dick.

“Matt Dubay, 25 says in the event of an unwanted pregnancy, men should be able to opt out of paying child support.

It's being called the male version of Roe vs. Wade. The man at the center of the lawsuit, Matt Dubay, contends that the court ordering him to pay child support violates his constitutional rights.
And there's no doubt that it's beginning to spark a major nationwide debate.

Dubay's argument stems from his ex-girlfriend, Lauren Wells, who he says told him that due to a medical condition, she was unable to have children.

That was fine with Dubay, who says he had no interest in becoming a father at the time. Wells ended up pregnant. And Dubay ended up with a $500 a month child-support bill.

"I do feel like I was blindsided by this woman," Dubay said. "She is now making me pay for a child when she knew up front that I was not ready to be a parent at the time."

I heard Randy Cohen who writes The Ethicist talking about this on AndersonCooper the other night. He was right on as he always is. As he put it, many many people every single day are surprised to discover that they are going to be parents. Almost all of them rise to the occasion. There is no ethical way to get out of providing support. The child has a right to the support.

I feel terrible for this poor woman that she dated such a jerk and for her poor daughter who will grow up knowing that her father didn’t want her. In fact, he had so little care for her that he tried to sue to legally sever the relationship. What. A. Dick.


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